INDIANAPOLIS, IN (June 9, 2022) – Indianapolis Colts, Darius Leonard is taking action in response to those affected by the Uvalde shooting. His foundation – The Maniac Foundation – donated 15K to the owner of Soulshine who provided custom caskets for each victim of the Uvalde shooting.

Explained Leonard: “Once I heard the terrible news about the Uvalde school shooting, I knew that I wanted to do something to help those suffering. I am pleased to announce that The Maniac Foundation has donated 15k to Soulshine who provided each victim of the shooting with a custom casket”.

Soulshine’s purpose is to let loved one’s lives shine through their designs. What they do is far more than just painting a casket, their artwork tells a story. The innovative brand creates one of a kind customizations to caskets and urns. For more information, visit

Explained Trey (owner of Soulshine): “When the Soulshine team was asked to help with caskets for the Uvalde tragedy, there was no hesitation. We stepped out in faith because God has always been faithful to provide. We knew God would send an army of earth angels to help us with this mission. Among many of these angels was Darius Leonard and The Maniac Foundation. We can’t thank Darius enough for stepping out on faith as well and helping us complete this mission. From all of us at Soulshine, thank you and may God bless you”

The Maniac Foundation was established in 2020 by Indianapolis Colts Linebacker, Darius Leonard and his wife Kayla Leonard. The Maniac Foundation is dedicated to transforming communities through education, wellness, serving families in need and other charitable causes. For more information, please visit